Evi Wrapped Doll Purple

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This beautiful wrapped Steiner baby doll with cushioned bottom makes the perfect doll for a very young child to cuddle and hold.  It looks cosy and secure all wrapped up like a swaddled baby and with a cosy handknitted hat.

Handmade by Evi Dolls, a cooperative of women Waldorf doll makers in Brazil.

100% cotton body and skin; mohair wool yarn hair; 100% sheep’s wool stuffing.

Recommended Age: Suitable from birth, except in a sleep environment – see warning below

WARNING! Comforters and other soft toys are not suitable for use in a sleep environment with a baby less than 7 months old – soft & padded surfaces can conform to the shape of a baby’s head and cause suffocation.

  • Brand: Evi
  • Age Group: baby 0 to 1, toddler 1 to 3

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