Fauna Wooden Sorting Boxes Rainbow

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Fauna Wooden Sorting Boxes Rainbow

A puzzle tower that is both a form fitting and a building toy, but again, the goal is to be able to play with multiple products in multiple ages.
With the smallest we can build a tower – first by placing it in the middle and then fitting the elements along the edges. 

Stackable cubes can be used to show the difference between small, medium and large. Children can also get to know the geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle). It is worth starting to insert the parts into the smallest cube first, but here too the order is important. If the tops are inserted by the child for the first time, they will prevent the bottoms from being plugged in. So you have to start with the lower ones, there too with the triangular based column. It stays in place, doesn’t roll away – not like a cylinder. Once that is mastered the child can progress through the various shapes and packing the cubes together. 

Size: 11 x 11 x 11 cm

  • Brand: Fauna
  • Age Group: toddler 1 to 3

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