Trigonos Construction Tent Starter

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This Trígonos Starter set is beautifully handcrafted in Spain, comes with 42 pieces including polyester-cotton fabric and natural timber in a cardboard box.

Trigonos is a magnificent wooden construction toy comprising of interconnecting rods and blocks and cloth coverings, providing both educational and creative opportunities for children of a wide age range. All pieces can be easily assembled and disassembled allowing younger children to enjoy a versatile play space inspired by their imagination and older children to explore the fun side of maths, geometry, angles and the challenges of construction on a large scale.

Can be combined with other Trigonos construction sets (not mini) to expand your building possibilities.

Recommended for children +4 years and older, this is a life-long game!

Contains: 6 blocks / 6 roof-shaped blocks / 10 long sticks / 20 medium sticks /  6 pieces of fabric / 1 cardboard box

The Trigonos Starter set you will find the following wooden pieces and fabrics.

– 6 cubic blocks, measuring 6 x 6 x 6 cm 

– 6 pentagonal blocks, measuring 6 x 6 x 7.5 cm 

– 10 sticks, 39 cm long

– 20 sticks, 27 cm long

– 1 cardboard box

  • Brand: Trigonos
  • Age Group: preschool 3 to 6

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