Toverlux StoryLux The Story of the Root Children Set of 4

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These are the 4 silhouettes that belong to the book: The Story of the Root Children (Het verhaal van de wortelkindertjes). From Mother Earth that wakes the sleepy Root Children and encourages them to start making their new spring clothes, to the famous picture where the Root Children walk towards the light and venture above the ground. Including the pictures of the four seasons, beautifully drawn by Sibylle von Olfers.
Let your child easily change the silhouettes whilst you enjoy reading the book together. 
Sibylle von Olfers, celebrate the legacy of “The Root Children” with Toverlux.
Toverlux is honored to illuminate your home with the enchanting tale of “The Root Children.” Authored by Sibylle von Olfers, this timeless classic was created as a labor of love for her younger sister, enriching her family’s life with its magical narrative and now, generations of families around the world.
Inspired by her imaginative upbringing and deep connection to nature, Sibylle von Olfers—a nun, art teacher, and visionary storyteller—crafted this beloved tale in 1906. It invites us into an enchanted world where the root children wake from their winter sleep to experience the beauty of the seasons, symbolizing the cycles of nature and the innocence of youth.
With our Toverlux Lamp, we bring a new dimension to this cherished story, offering an experience of warmth, wonder, and the nostalgia of a nature-filled childhood at bedtime.
Our collaboration with publisher Christofoor has made it possible to share this magical journey with you.
As the soft glow of StoryLux casts its spell, let us honor the legacy of Sibylle von Olfers and the whimsical world she created. Join us in making each night an adventure into the heart of childhood magic, celebrating the enduring charm of “The Root Children” and their journey through the seasons.
Embrace this beloved tradition with StoryLux, and let “The Root Children” illuminate your nights with tales of joy and wonder.
  • Age Group: decoration (not for play)
  • Brand: Toverlux

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