Stuka Puka What’s Inside Me Puzzle

Stuka Puka
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Are you interested in building a human body? Would you like to understand how the digestive system works, and see how big the human heart is and how the blood flows?
This life-size, 5-level puzzle allows children to discover the inner workings of human anatomy and turn your biology lesson into a fantastic adventure!

Discover the skeletal, digestive, circulatory, respiratory and urinary systems through the various layers. Check the size of individual organs and bones, see what the chest holds, how long the intestines are, and what else the abdomen hides.

This incredible wooden educational puzzle by Stuka Puka could easily sit beside Grey’s Anatomy – so much to learn and discover about the workings of the human body.

68 Elements plus base and cover.

The text on all our Stuka Puka puzzles is in English.

Stuka Puka is a Polish wooden toy maker combining unique design, educational values and natural materials. Each item in their range is produced with great thought to produce educationally accurate puzzles. Their products are made of the finest materials, hand-finished and safe for the little ones. Stuka Puka are passionate believers that learning through play is a great way to stimulate creative young minds.

  • Brand: Stuka Puka
  • Age Group: older children and adults 6+, preschool 3 to 6

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