Sarah’s Silks Giant Playsilk Fire

Sarah's Silks
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Sarah’s Silks Giant Playsilk, Blossom, a beautiful blend of soft pinks and purples.

Sarah’s Silks Giant Playsilks are perfect for covering and draping over play stands, creating puppet theatres, making bed canopies or setting up as a play background. The generous size and feel of these giant multi coloured silks, encourage open-ended play, your child will love incorporating them into dress-up, make-believe scenes, cubby building and physical activities like yoga, dancing, and sensory play. 

Young children love the vibrant, beautifully blended colours and the soft, tactile sensation of the Giant Playsilks. Made with non-toxic, environmentally friendly dyes and 100% real silk.

  • 100% real silk
  • hand-painted and silk screened by hand
  • eco-friendly, non-toxic dye
  • measures 9 feet by 3 feet

New Silk Scapes with 3 new colour variations – Blossom, Fire & Sea

Blossom~ pink and lavender blend

Fire~ red and orange blend

Sea~ blue and turquoise blend

  • Age Group: older children and adults 6+, preschool 3 to 6
  • Brand: Sarah's Silks

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