Selecta Pullalong Ranolo Frog

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Ranolo is an extremely cute wooden pull-along frog who will follow their toddler owner everywhere!  With his beady yellow eyes, he jumps along, his blue bead rattling along, and his mouth clapping open and closed as he walks behind you.  Surely any princess would be happy to kiss him!!  Learning to walk is fun with this classic wooden pullalong toy!!

Selecta has been making high quality wooden and educational wooden toys in the Bavarian forests of Germany for over 50 years. All the company’s wood is made from durable native hardwoods such as maple, beech and pine and Selecta only chooses FSC-accredited timber from sustainable forests. Selecta wooden toys have scratch resistant and saliva proof surfaces and are safety tested to the highest European and International standards.  Highest quality, ecological sound, educational toys!

Length 11cm


  • Brand: Selecta
  • Age Group: toddler 1 to 3

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