Sedulus Artisan Handcrafted Sliding box for Pencils & Crayons

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This beautiful artisan crafted sliding box from Sedulus was designed by the Troxler-Haus HolzArtManufaktur according to customer requirements. The contents are secured by the sliding lid. The sliding box has a long, non-slip notch on the top, which has the advantage that the box can also be easily opened and closed by small children’s hands. In practice, the sliding boxes for wax crayons, blocks, pencils, compasses, fountain pens, erasers, etc. are often used.

The sliding box is delivered empty and can be filled with, for example, 12 sticks or 12 blocks or 6 sticks/6 blocks. Crayons are a separate item to this box.

Sliding box external dimensions: length 222 mm, width 110 mm, height 29 mm

The sliding box is manufactured individually and by hand in the HolzArtManufaktur of the Troxler company. As part of the artistic crafting, the four corners are rounded off manually, finishing off  a beautiful article.

  • Brand: Sedulus

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