Ostheimer Colour Silhouette – Falling Stars

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Ostheimer Falling Stars Silhouette

With their delicately shaped scenes, Ostheimer Colour Silhouettes bring a gentle atmosphere full of light and warmth into a child’s room.

Using the designated Ostheimer candle holder, they can be illuminated with a candle, a tea-light or placed near a window allowing natural sunlight to shine through. 

The Ostheimer Falling Stars Silhouette depicts the story of the falling stars ‘Star Money’ or Sterntaler. The story told is of a kindly poor child who gives away all of her possessions to those less fortunate. Star money came falling to her from the sky and she wanted for nothing all the days of her life

Solid wood construction and beautiful translucent coloured paper windows. 

Made in Poland. 

Wooden candle holder for silhouettes sold separately.

Main colour panel: 16.5cm x 10.8cm

With all 3 panels open flat:  16.5cm x 20.3 cm (Side panels fold flat for convenient storage.)

  • Brand: Ostheimer
  • Age Group: decoration (not for play)

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