Ostheimer Portcullis

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The Ostheimer Wooden Portcullis would be one of the most popular additions with the children to the Ostheimer wooden castle. In a real-life Castle, the raising of the heavy Portcullis was sometimes assisted with counter-weights. The engineering of this model is a little simpler and involves a fully functioning pulley with a red cord!

Children become acquainted with the world of castles, knights and princesses through stories as they grow. This is a world of mystery and legends, a world where, through play, imagination can develop and creativity be stimulated. 

Whether it be one beautiful wooden Kinderkram castle piece or a collection, castles, their towers, turrets and accompanying pieces provide children with versatile play pieces that will be inspiring and long lasting. All of our Ostheimer and Kinderkram castle-parts are compatible to enable you to build a magical world, as fast or slow as you like.

All parts of the Kinderkram and Ostheimer Castle are hand-crafted using solid Alder wood from sustainable domestic forestry.

Height 31cm


  • Brand: Ostheimer
  • Age Group: older children and adults 6+, preschool 3 to 6

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