Grimm’s Stepped Pyramid Large Natural

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The Grimm’s Large Wooden Stacking Pyramid consists of 100 natural coded 4x4cm blocks which range in length from 4 cm to 20 cm.

The 100 blocks of this building set with lengths ranging from 4 - 20 cm are ideal for so many creations. You can build up walls, towers, houses with furniture, castles and so much more. They can also be used to build unique marble runs. This set make ideal room “decor” as it invites everyone to play and is a wonderful complement to all of our building sets.

By building and playing with these blocks, children develop fine motor skills and spatial thinking skills.

This large wooden block set can also be used in conjunction with other Grimm’s building sets and the Grimm’s coloured balls to create a variety of spectacular marble runs. Again, the possibilities are endless.

Materials: alder wood, with a non-toxic oil finish.

Size: frame 44.5cm, single blocks 4cm thickness, length up to 20cm.

  • Age Group: baby 0 to 1, older children and adults 6+
  • Brand: Grimm's

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