Filana Beeswax Crayons, Rainbow Sticks 8

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The only beeswax crayon that contains no paraffin or petroleum derived products and is made from 20% organic beeswax. Filana crayons glide beautifully on the page, have vibrant colours that mix well and have a beautiful creamy finish. Developed by David Kennedy a graduate from the Painting School of the Goetheanum, his expertise in colour theory and, in particular, how colour may best be expressed in the Waldorf classroom reveals itself in the Filana range. Each crayon is 1.25 cm diameter, 8.5 cm length. Packed in a colourful slider box made from recycled paper.

8 colours: Lemon Yellow | Golden Yellow | Brilliant Orange | Red | Magenta | Ultramarine Blue | Blue | Emerald Green.

Beeswax crayon comparisons

All of Us Skintones:  60% beeswax, 0% paraffin

Apiscor:  45% beeswax, 10% paraffin

Filana:  20% certified organic beeswax, 0% paraffin

Stockmar: 10% beeswax, 52% paraffin*

*Paraffin is a non-renewable resource made from petroleum-based products.  Beeswax is renewable resource. All our beeswax crayons makers obtain their beeswax from ethical beekeepers.

  • Brand: Filana

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