Filana Beeswax Crayons, with Brown & Black Block 12

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The only beeswax crayon that contains no paraffin or petroleum derived products and is made from 20% organic beeswax. Filana crayons glide beautifully on the page, have vibrant colours that mix well and a beautiful creamy finish. Each block crayon is 1.25 cm x 1 cm x 3 cm. Packed in a colourful slider box made from recycled paper.

12 colours: Lemon Yellow | Golden Yellow | Brilliant Orange | Vermilion Red | Red | Magenta | Purple | Ultramarine Blue | Blue | Emerald Green | Brown | Velvet Black.

Beeswax crayon comparisons

All of Us Skintones:  60% beeswax, 0% paraffin

Apiscor:  45% beeswax, 10% paraffin

Filana:  20% certified organic beeswax, 0% paraffin

Stockmar: 10% beeswax, 52% paraffin*

*Paraffin is a non-renewable resource made from petroleum-based products.  Beeswax is renewable resource. All our beeswax crayons makers obtain their beeswax from ethical beekeepers.

  • Brand: Filana

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