Dr Zigs Doggie Bubbles Kit

Dr Zigs
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Dr Zigs have so many customers that buy their Giant Bubbles for their four-legged friends to chase and pop, that they thought they would make a special formula just for them! These bubbles are Peanut Butter scented, vegan, and contain NO NUTS!! These are fine for everyone even with allergies! 

Just like all our other bubbles these non-toxic, fully biodegradable, and just lovely, and some of the profits will also of course contribute to our award-winning Bubbles Not Bombs projects.


  • 25cm Wands with Multi Rope
  • 200ml of 5x concentrate Peanut Butter scented mix (add water to make 1L of mix)

NOTE:  Some dogs LOVE chasing/popping bubbles, others don’t. Whilst we cannot guarantee that your dog will totally appreciate our giant bubbles (Yan, our black Labrador, would really prefer a tennis ball :D) This is still a fabulous toy for you and your friends – whatever your age.  

  • Interactive Play – Promotes bonding with pets. Your dog will love to chase and pop these big bubbles! The peanut butter or smell will be a delight for small and large puppies. Chasing bubbles can become a fun game and it helps to release extra energy which can be more relaxing in the home.
  • Promotes Health – Being active with your pet can help to develop better habits. Bubble toys can get a doggy running around increasing heart health, agility, improving balance and coordination as well as creating a stronger attachment. Popping bubbles is a great form of exercise and fun!
  • 100% Safe – Our unique formula is created with safety in mind. Nontoxic, vegan and contains no nuts! These bubbles are safe for people and animals. Concentrated solution is fully biodegradable, and bottle is recyclable. No need to worry if dogs get a little taste of mix.
  • Excellent Training Tool – Teaches puppies to play safely and not be rough or aggressive with other animals or children. Also works well to eliminate boredom. Provides much needed mental stimulation and learning. Kids love to get in on the bubble activities too. Adult supervision is recommended.
  • Age Group: older children and adults 6+, preschool 3 to 6
  • Brand: Dr Zigs

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