Stuka Puka Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzle

Stuka Puka
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Only 2 species of dinosaurs have survived in mummified form, thanks to which we can recreate the distribution of internal organs.

One of them is Scipionyx. A small predatory dinosaur.

Together with Łukasz Czepiński, a PhD student at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Warsaw and the owner of the website, Stuka Puka have created a model of this celurosaurus.

The 3-layer model will introduce you to the secrets of the skeletal system, body parts and the distribution of internal organs.

Dive into prehistory with your child!


– 3-level puzzles – body parts, skeletal system, organs.

– 36 elements + frame and cover.

– Puzzle thickness: 5 mm.

– Base thickness: 3 mm.

– Cover thickness: 3 mm.

– Painted with odorless clear varnish for children.

The text on all our Stuka Puka puzzles is in English.

  • Age Group: older children and adults 6+, preschool 3 to 6
  • Brand: Stuka Puka

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